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What Would you consider 100% Completed? (Archived)alectheman633/29/2013
Whats the Best Possible Equip Spread For Sora, Donald, And Goofy? (Archived)alectheman673/27/2013
How does summoning work in this game? (Archived)
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I am stuck....Please help....?(spoilers) (Archived)
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7 princesses of light (spoilers) (Archived)kollie8933/20/2013
Screw the fricken gummi ship. Why on earth did they make it so complicated? (Archived)
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Is ReCoded on the DS the remake of this game? (Archived)Kelystic23/15/2013
This completely changed my perspective of Kingdom Hearts (Archived)
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i started over with a new combination but encountered stronger enemies (Archived)
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Where to find cheap copy? (Archived)Jimm3rF3rdette63/13/2013
KH HD 1.5 ReMix Releases in Japan March 14 2013 (Archived)falconesque33/12/2013
Just found a copy! (Archived)Deuce60033/9/2013
You only fight Cloud, Squall, and Yuffie right? (Archived)HakuMan11138643/7/2013
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX officially coming to the West (Archived)SBK9173/6/2013
chernabog? (Archived)
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So i want this and KH2 On PSN (Archived)
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Doing a new game...(most definitely spoilertastic) (Archived)
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(Final Mix Question) - Help with abilities question (about percentages) (Archived)DoNotPassGoPSMO52/28/2013
Final Mix PM: Best Accessory / Best Equipment ? (also damage negation Q w/ seph) (Archived)Nakibar42/22/2013
Attempting a Perfect File *possible spoilers* (Archived)
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