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Final Mix PM: Best Accessory / Best Equipment ? (also damage negation Q w/ seph) (Archived)Nakibar42/22/2013
Attempting a Perfect File *possible spoilers* (Archived)
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Guess The Character XXV (Archived)
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So is Final Mix just a carbon copy remake of this game? (Archived)BishopofAbyss32/13/2013
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Bookcase puzzle? (Archived)statquo9321/16/2013
Is this glitch possible?? (Archived)felexis1261/7/2013
Soundtrack-pedia guide project: Kingdom Hearts 1 +FM (Archived)Zak600971/4/2013
What is the soundtrack.. (Archived)Ultimatechidori31/4/2013
New years (Archived)Greatwhite6341/1/2013
Guess the Heartless XXIX (Archived)
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How can i beat olympus collisim??? (Archived)Fin4everz512/26/2012
Geeze I never noticed how corny some of the dialogue was in this game. (Archived)Thenumber1yoshi1012/24/2012
Getting back to the Deep Jungle Key Hole (Archived)Curium312/21/2012
So, Maleficent... (spoilers) (Archived)ParanoiaRebirth1012/20/2012
Various Questions and Topics (Spoilers from this and other KH games) (Archived)ParanoiaRebirth312/20/2012