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8 years ago#1
how do you get access to the Yavin space station with the PC version? I just recently picked it up for the it so I was just wondering if it was pre- loaded or if it needed to be downloaded from somewhere. Thanks in advance
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8 years ago#2
Its pre-loaded. Once you have the Ebon Hawk you can go to it.
8 years ago#3
nice, thank you
A mage's soul is forged in the crucible of the magic
8 years ago#4
I still don't see the point in it.....
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8 years ago#5
^ Me either, but according to the FAQ there is a cutscene and mini-mission you can trigger after a certain point.
8 years ago#6
There's also most of the game's best equipment.
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8 years ago#7
I would say practically all of the game's best equipment is available for sale there, plus there is the short side-quest (requires three or four visits to the station).
8 years ago#8

if you come back to the station after finding a star map, trandoshans are there threatening him. If you come back again, the trandoshans will attack and you'll get some decent XP as well as like, 7k credits.

Single best melee weapon in the game is there. It puts out more damage than a standard lightsaber with upgrades. You also get the two hella powerful lightsaber color crystals there, a +4 con implant, +5 dex implant, some good armor, +13 droid defense, infinite use droid equipment, a really good all-purpose droid upgrade (+7 sec, comp use, repair, etc), some +5 strength gloves... Loads of good stuff there.

Of course, it means nothing if you don't have loads of credits, most of this stuff is 20k or more. But he also has the highest sell price in the game, so it's fairly easy to make the credits you need to buy the stuff you want.

Only real equipment outside of yavin station that matches the quality is the circlet of saresh and the Qel Droma Robes that you loot from the corpses of dead jedi. And those are restricted to light side.

8 years ago#9

There is another good place to buy equipment. After you reveal your true identity as Revan you can get some "special merchandise" on Korriban. I got a pair of gloves that were like +5 STR, some skill implants and pretty nifty weapons.

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