I can't seem to get Sunry off the hook in the Manaan sidequest.

#1Monocle_ManPosted 12/5/2008 1:29:55 AM
I also can't seem to convince the black guy that runs the hotel to testify in Sunry's favor. Supposedly if you force persuade him he has to, but this doesn't seem to be the case. When I force persuade him I get a [Success] next to his dialogue and he says that he will testify in favor. However, when I leave and go through with the trial he testifies against Sunry.

Is this a glitch? In addition, it's worth noting that I seem to be able to force persuade him over and over, with him forgetting our previous conversation each time. This is what leads me to believe it's a glitch. Also, he won't accept a bribe, but that probably isn't a glitch.
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Also, maybe I don't even want to get him off the hook. I already know through experimentation that I get 500 XP (or was it 400?) and no alignment points if I turn in the video of the murder at the beginning. If I fail to get him off the hook through incompetence I get 100 less XP and again no alignment points. What do you receive for clearing his name? I assume you don't get light side points since he is guilty. I was hoping for a better XP reward.
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#3salsadipluvaPosted 12/5/2008 3:01:34 AM
yes, it's a glitch. The trial is the worst (badly done) quest in the game. I suggest you at least refer to an FAQ as it's a long process and requires some specific and sometimes illogical conversation paths in order to acquit Sunry.

The reward is also a little messed up as you found out. You are suppose to get discounts from the stores if Sunry gets away, but I was unable to get the discounts from the shops, don't know why. I did a before/after check on the shops are the prices were the same!
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I looked for which walkthrough I copied this text out of so long ago, but I can't find it... It's probably still up, but half the time CTRL-F doesn't work on GameFAQs...

Anyway, here's the text a helpful author wrote down:

Finding Sunry innocent:

All the steps above at the hotel (except persuading Ignus) and when speaking with Elora are necessary, and you won't have to download the data recording at the Republic Embassy. Here is how the trial should proceed. First up will be Ignus. If you persuaded him, he will confess that he heard the shot after Sunry left, to your favor. If not, he will testify against Sunry. Next will be Firith Me. During your cross-examination of Firith, ask if she is indeed a Dark Jedi. Now ask if he actually saw the murder take place. Now choose no more questions.

After Firith will come Gluupor. During your cross-examination, ask if he planted the medal. Now ask if he saw the murder happen. Then choose no more questions.

Now Elora will come out. During your cross-examination, ask her about Sunry's affair. Then have no more questions. Finally, Sunry comes out. When you have a chance, ask Sunry simply if he went there to end the affair, would the sith object? Now choose no more questions.

It's time for your closing argument. Choose first "No one actually witnessed the murder." Next choose "Sunry went to end the affair so the sith killed her." Then close your case. After a brief intermission, Sunry will be found innocent, you'll get 500xp and you can expect lower prices at both main merchants, one in East Central and one in Ahto East.
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Yeah, I kept trying that, it was suggested in like the only PC walkthrough. Didn't work. I'm guessing the only way it would work is if I managed to convince Ignus. Which isn't working too well for me.
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#6grand_commanderPosted 12/5/2008 5:11:10 PM
His cooperation is not necessary.

But... Come on: we all hate the Manaan trials.
#7ShadowlynkPosted 12/6/2008 1:24:29 PM
Yeah, the trials suck, this one especially. I'd just hand over the proof he did it. Even on a Dark side playthrough; just tell Sunry you'll cover it up for the DSP, then stab him in the back. >:)

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