Can't access set affinity to fix dual core problem

#1FireSeerPosted 5/23/2009 8:01:32 AM
Heard of a trick of starting the KOTOR menu, starting task manager, clicking the set affinity icon and changing it to one core. I tried this but when I right click the process and click set affinity i get this:

"Unable to access or set process affinity: the operation could not be completed. Access is denied."

I am on the admin user and I have it so that it runs as admin so I don't know what to do..any help is appreciated
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#2tatiludPosted 5/24/2009 8:25:10 AM
Hi there, Yeah even tough your login as the Admin each apps will needs the permission, so right-click on the game's executable and then choose "Run As Administrator" or something similar.

Or you can turn off the Vista's User Account Control feature all toghether, here is a guide on how to do just that...(thanks to cogadh)

Good Luck & Have Fun
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