Help using a gamepad w/ KOTOR

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User Info: sephiroth1084

7 years ago#1
Hey folks. I've had success in the past using a gamepad or typically mouse & keyboard only games (DDO, Oblivion), but KOTOR doesn't seem to have any in-game key mapping that'd make this possible.

I own a Logitech Dual Shock II, and the corresponding Profiler, but without having played the game, and a fairly clunky process for configuration, I was wondering if anyone had some advise, an alternate method of setting this up, or perhaps a configuration log file.

Thanks for any help.

User Info: cogadh

7 years ago#2
My only advice: don't use a gamepad. The game does not support them on its own and, unfortunately, the way the controls in this game are configured, there is almost no way to use a third party keymapper to accomplish what you want. You could easily get the movement and simple attack/action buttons configured, but since each attack/action button has multiple functions that can only be access using the mouse and/or scroll wheel, at best you are going to end up with a crippled control scheme or end up switching back and forth between the gamepad and mouse. It is best to just find one of the existing mouse/keyboard combos that works for you. Personally, I like the "mouse only" movement method instead of WSAD (hold down both mouse buttons, character moves wherever you point him/her) and the keyboard for attack/action functions (pretty much the number keys only).

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