Consular- Scout or Scoundrel?

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7 years ago#1
I've been reading some of the other topics on this and I'm not quite sure which is the way to go. I'm going Darkside this time after going Light Side last time with a Scout/Consular. I liked the added feats- Basic Flurry and Implants 1 and 2 gave me essentially three extra points, plus another point from leveling up- but didn't like not having security as a class skill since you're the only Jedi who can really get that skill. By the way, can you break items by bashing open chests or is that only in 2?

Also what's a good stat set-up for those builds?
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7 years ago#2
Consular/Scoundrel is my favorite build because of Stasis+Sneak Attack+Flurry. When you Stasis an enemy (or the equivalent Dark Side power), every time you attack and enemy you get your sneak attack damage. So flurry helps out a lot because when enemies are in stasis you don't have to worry about the defense hit you take, and each attack from flurry gets the massive Sneak Attack bonus.

So I suggest Consular/Scoundrel build. And if you really want Security, you could also bring Mission or the small droid along (always forget his name). They both get massive skill points every level, so they can always have near-maximum security.

You can bash open doors, but I'm almost positive you can't bash containers (it's been a while since I've played, though).
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7 years ago#3
Yes you can bash container. And there's always the temple on the Unknown World where those two are unavailable, which is a bit of an issue with me since I like to get EVERYTHING.
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7 years ago#4
Security's pointless in this game... you can bash anything you can "pick", and you do not break items by doing so like in 2.

Personally, if I'm playing a darkside consular, I focus on force combat rather than lightsaber combat (really, what's the point of being a DS consular if you're not gonna fry stuff with lightning?), so I go with scout or soldier to get more feats (both actually get the same number of slots at level 5 when you consider you need heavy armor prof. for the best DS headgear) over scoundrel.
7 years ago#5
Personally I think the Scout has the highest Feat progression for my play style- 4 Feat points by lvl 5, +1 for Flurry, and +2 for Implants. Any points I might spend into Heavy Armor I would spend into Flurry with a Soldier and the extra point would likely go into Implants (though much later down the road I think).
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7 years ago#6
Scout (level 5):
Implant (2)
Armor (2-- Medium)
4 choices
Total: 9

Soldier (level 5):
Power Attack(1)
Armor (3--Heavy)
5 Choices
Total: 9

--Power Attack is actually better overall than Flurry if you don't go above 40 avg. damage per hit (assuming Master Speed is used), and a consular focused on force combat instead of lightsaber combat usually doesn't.
--Heavy Armor is required for the best DS headgear (Sith Mask).
--Uncanny dodge is more or less meaningless as nothing in the game attacks you from a stealthed position, and a +2 save vs. grenades isn't exactly noticable.
7 years ago#7
Of course, you also get a -1 to attack on 4-5 attacks when using Flurry in comparison to Power Strike's -3 applied to 3-4 attacks. So with Flurry you have more chances and better chances to hit per turn, that just seems better to me. Of course there is the -1 defensive penalty for using Flurry that Power Strike lacks...

Then again I've been thinking of ditching a combat feat either way and just using the basic attack- looks better and no penalties for using it. If I use Master Speed I still get two extra attacks when I do attack and I'll be relying mostly on the Force for damage after Taris anyway.
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7 years ago#8
1. Everything in the game is relatively easy to hit after switching to Jedi, even with with the -3 from PA, so you're better off focusing on raw damage. Even playing solo, the only things I remember remotely giving me trouble were the Sand People Holy Warrior ambushes on Tatooine, but those are easy enough to avoid and come back to later.

2. You can completely ignore AC in this game and you won't notice much of a difference after leaving Taris because stuff can't really hit you... at least not before it dies. Jedi Sense feats (which replace any armor used on Taris), a Jedi Master Robe, +4 AC from Force Speed, AC gets into the mid-20's already, which is sufficient. Add to that BBD, which uses an opposed attack roll (i.e. it uses attack bonus rather than AC), and throw in Energy Resistance for good measure, and defense pretty much takes care of itself in this game.
7 years ago#9
When you start the game, if you look at master flurry and master power attack, PA willl seem better due to bonus on every hit. Don't take penalties into account because by the end of the game, you will have +16 to attack. Flurry will ultimately better as it has higher possible damage and Lower possible damage. It doesn't matter, as by the end of the game, you will be beating most enemies in a round.

I would take scout-consular for the first time, just so you can figure out HK-47's backstory, and when you play as a scoundrel, you will know and won't need to bother
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7 years ago#10
You seem to forget the Dexterity bonuses granted alongside those nice little story bits. If you plan to use HK-47 it certainly helps if you repair him.
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