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7 years ago#1
Is there a recommended order to visit the planets in to complete every character's backstory? I've never managed to complete Juhani's, Canderous', Jolee's, or Bastila's. What I'm thinking is Kashyyyk, Manaan, Korriban, Tatooine. Is there a better way of going about doing it?
7 years ago#2
If you're playing Light Side, the best order is:

Tatooine: Do everything and get the Star Map
Kashyyyk: Do everything except getting the Star Map
Manaan: Do everything but do not take the submarine to go underwater when it's time for you to do so.
Korriban: Do everything and get the Star Map.

After completing Korriban as a light side character, there are probably people on that planet that you turned to the light side (I'm not gonna name them). You can find two of those people on Dantooine.

Go to Dantooine to meet those two people.
Go to Manaan, take the submarine to the underwater station and get the Star Map.
After that it's the Leviathan that will trigger automatically.
Finally, go to Kashyyyk and get the Star Map. It will be special when you will get it (I'm not telling you why).
7 years ago#3
I just thought about something. If you're playing the XBOX version, do it the way I wrote it in the previous post because getting the Star Map on Manaan in that order will get you Darth Bandon's Lightsaber which has special properties on the XBOX.

However, if you're playing the PC version, then I suggest NOT GETTING the Star Map on Tatooine, but taking the submarine and getting the Star Map on Manaan when you're on the planet the first time. Then, insted of going back to Manaan after Korriban, you go to Tatooine and just get the Star Map. It's less troublesome that way.

You do Bastila and Canderous' missions on Tatooine. You also start Mission's mission there.
You continue Mission's mission on Kashyyyk.
You do Jolee's mission on Manaan.
You do Carth's mission on Korriban and can also talk to Dak Vesser on Manaan with Juhani (it's not a mission, but it's an optional thing). And you also do Juhani's mission on Korriban. Do Juhani's mission last because there is a bug that keeps you from doing the others if you don't do that one last. In fact, don't do it until you've talked to the special weapons merchant on Korriban, otherwise his friend won't come talk to you.
7 years ago#4
This is the way I'm doing it. Not sure if there's any advantage to my way, but here it is:

1. Taris - obviously
2. Dantooine - obviously
3. Kashyyyk - I hate this one the most, so I wanted to get it over with
4. Manaan - Another bad one, in my opinion, so I wanted it done soon
5. Tatooine - HK!
6. Korriban - Come on, it's Korriban!
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7 years ago#5
So should I do all the side missions and everything excluding the Star Maps in the meanwhile to gain levels to unlock the backstories? If I leave the Star Maps alone, I should be able to just go back and forth between the planets as the side missions come up, right?
7 years ago#6
You gotta do all the side missions in one go every time you visit a planet to level up your characters and unlock their side missions like you said. If it says not to get the Star Map, then don't get it, but you have to do all the rest. In Tatooine for example, you gotta pick up the Holocron of Bastila's father that is right beside the Star Map, but not activate the Star Map, unless you're playing on XBOX.

Kashyyyk is the last Star Map to get because if you get it after the Leviathan, a special conversation occurs.
7 years ago#7
I'm on PC. So, considering all that, should the order be...

Kashyyyk Sidequests, find Jolee
Manaan Sidequests
Tatooine Sidequests
Korriban Sidequests

Then the Star Maps from Manaan, Tatooine, Korriban, and finally Kashyyyk?
7 years ago#8
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7 years ago#9
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7 years ago#10
Never mind, I've just remembered something. Here's the real best way:

1. Yavin (To get the first set of goodies from Suvam Tam).

2. Tatooine sidequests & Star Map (Because enemies on Tatooine are the weakest, you get HK-47 and you must get the Star Map, otherwise the Twi'lek named Senni Vek won't come talk to you at Anchorhead).

3. Kashyyyk sidequests (Because you can get Jolee).

4. Manaan sidequests (Do not take the submarine or whatever it's called to go to the underwater station).

5. Korriban sidequests and Star Map.

6. Dantooine (To talk to two of the NPCs that you turned to the light side on Korriban).

7. Yavin (To get the second set of goodes from Suvam Tam).

8. Manaan (Go to the underwater station, complete your mission and get the Star Map).

9. Leviathan.

10. Yavin (To get the last set of goodies from Suvam Tam).

11. Korriban (A Twi'lek will come talk to you and will tell you about a merchant who will sell you his premium items).

Note: Juhani's sidequest should be the last NPC sidequest that you do. Do not complete Juhani's mission (meaning do not meet Xor a second time until that Twi'lek on Korriban talked to you, otherwise there is a bug that will prevent him from ever showing up.

12. Kashyyyk Star Map.

***Mini-spoiler, but very important***

Final note: If you are planning on romancing Bastila, you'll eventually end up kissing her. Do not talk to her about the kiss after that, ever. Otherwise, it will ruin a future event.

There. You got all the info you need now. It's crazy, isn't it?

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