hexagon key? what is it for

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8 years ago#1
ive finished fable before and TLC (out of pure idiocy my little cosuin rubbed it with another game trying to fuse them together) so i dont hav lost chapters but i dont know what the hexagon key is for also i have wellows pickhammer how and where do i get the other legendary weapons?
8 years ago#2
The hexagon key is required to open the hexagon lock on one of the doors inside the cave if you are on the Hobb Cave Quest. But if you aren't on the quest the door isn't locked so it may be difficult to notice it's importance.

The Legendary Weapons question is a bit to general to answer. Check out the Legendary Weapons FAQ for more information. However, there's a good weapon located behind the Demon Door just outside the Hobb Cave. You'll need to work up a combo of at least 14 in order to open the door.
8 years ago#3
^ He means the Cutlass Bluetane. It's a great weapon up until you can get the Harbinger. The easiest way to get the 14 multiplier that I've found is to go to the Grey House (after your 1st time), give some points to physical shield (and berserk would be recommended) and fight undead. You might have to get alittle far in the game, but it isn't that deep in. Just fight them, recall back to the hobbe cave entrance, fight troll, then if your multiplier is still too small quickly recall back to grey house then so on and so forth until you have a combat multiplier of 14 (I thought it was 15) or more.

The Cutlass Bluetane will make the game much more enjoyable and is worth the effort.
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8 years ago#4
Actually, if the Earth Trolls are spawning in that area then I would think the Power Bow Trick would be the easiest way to achieve a high combo multiplier. I've just started experimenting with this trick so I'm a bit fuzzy on the details, but charge up your strongest bow by drawing the string for a few minutes (1.5 to 5, apparently depended on the Skill Speed level) while the Troll is still underground and not a threat. Then hobble closer to him so he emerges, wait for a second or two to make sure he is fully solid, and fire the power shot at him. If charged correctly you'll get a one hit kill and an instant 25 multiplier.
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