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Why is the loading theme at a lower key and more subdued than Super Metroid's?slk_2325/31 3:16PM
Is SA-X supposed to be scary?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
BlueFlameBat195/29 11:16PM
I did a cover of the Nightmare boss battle theme.Mjollnirfalls35/11 8:33PM
I just finished this game!cadcrafter95/10 10:05AM
Boss battleLunar_Reactor35/10 10:03AM
Is a 0% run possible now without emulator slow-down? (Archived)Foxhound385743/16 3:23PM
The freaking SA-X chase in Sector 2 is ridiculous (Archived)ponyseizures23/9 3:32PM
Main Deck Energy Tank (Archived)voiladude22/27 5:58PM
I do love this game's final boss. (spoilers) (Archived)Allegaeon42/25 1:55AM
How was anyone supposed to know? (Archived)blood_burn42/18 6:07AM
how much is Metroid Fusion sealed on GBA worth? (Archived)RratedSuperstar22/11 8:54PM
this is my favorite metroid game. anyone else? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
sprittracker362/6 3:28PM
So I think I beat this game at the last possible second (Archived)masticatingman212/25 12:04AM
I'm back (Archived)kingnahum17111/27 2:03AM
Is bomb jumping impossible? (Archived)KLouD_KoNNeCteD411/27 1:57AM
Anything involving the Space Jump is aboslute garbage (Archived)SMR II29/20 9:56PM
Great game, but one big question about the ending (Archived)HylanKnight59/13 12:46PM
Here's my theory (Spoilers) (Archived)ShamblerQ87/2 11:23PM
Has anyone gotten the secret message? (Archived)Ayobro16/1/2014
Why was Metroid Fusion the only game where Samus looked like an ugly hunchback? (Archived)slk_2395/28/2014
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