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Codes? (Archived)Ace_Anderson44/9/2011
Unimportant, yet interesting things you may not notice. (Spoilers) (Archived)
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Damn you Nightmare (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
The only thing I dislike about this game is lack of proper sequence breaking. (Archived)
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Sign here if you think America's version of Fusion should've had Hard Mode! (Archived)Tempo61363/31/2011
Check this out. (Early plant boss?) (Archived)Serogueh43/30/2011
Favorite enemy? (Possible Spoilers) (Archived)Tempo61323/27/2011
Okay... (Archived)SwampertOwns33/27/2011
SA-X Revisited. (Archived)SwampertOwns83/16/2011
Favorite music (Archived)SwampertOwns73/16/2011
Samus's Fusion suit: Approve or disapprove? (Archived)Tempo61343/16/2011
Just what is it with that scan? (Archived)SwampertOwns83/13/2011
just got this game again =] (Archived)Benshields43/12/2011
This Is The Scariest Metroid Game Ever Made (Spoilers out the wahzoo) (Archived)
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Yakuza - How to escape the death grasp! *spoilers* (Archived)Mariofan4ever83/8/2011
Was I the only one who had -fun- with Yakuza and Nightmare? (Archived)StrongNerd43/3/2011
Does anyone else do this? *Suit upgrade spoilers?* (Archived)gamingsmylife42/28/2011
Chronologically... (Archived)Dissius152/24/2011
Missable Power Bomb tank? I can't find an alternate route to one of them. (Archived)SteelySchuel32/16/2011
This is the best GBA title ever. (Archived)falcon71252/12/2011
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