this game rules

#1KillrRabbitPosted 3/14/2010 2:38:19 PM

After all this time I still play it with my friends/family every now and then. Versus and battle mode are still great fun. And I even do a grand prix every now and then. Anyone else still lovin' this game 7 years later?

#2GunbladeladPosted 3/18/2010 4:45:23 AM
Myself & a friend still fire this up on a weekly basis for an all-cup GP run, with a few match races afterwards. On occasion we'll fire up LAN mode instead.
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#3k-personPosted 3/21/2010 12:45:40 PM
Double Dash is one of the better racing games of all time, as far as I'm concerned. It's still amazing.

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