Any chance of private servers?

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User Info: parabolee

8 years ago#1
Some other online RPG's have survived with private servers. I never played Tabula Rasa but always fancied trying it out. Would be cool if someone opened a private server so the game lived on after it's death.

Anyone heard any rumblings in this regard?
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User Info: PhantomLeader

8 years ago#2
There is a possibility. I'm toying with the idea of starting a project; though I myself do not have the necessary experience to program an emulator, I do know several people who may.
I do suggest gathering packets; at SWGEmu, we've had problems with not having correct packets, and it usually takes a while to fix those problems. If you were to gather packets (along with info about exactly what you were doing at the time of the packet log), it would be a major boost to any emulation efforts.
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