quad combo(possible spoilers)

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6 years ago#1
so ive got all the necessary moves for evann, titto, myam, and lutina but it wont do the quad attack how do i activate this attack. really frustrating.
6 years ago#2
Have you learned it or still stying to learn it?
if you have not learned it sometimes ifor me it just takes some time to get them to actually perform at group combo.
6 years ago#3
no i have not learned it i have all the moves to learn it. It just wont do the move for some reason
6 years ago#4

Your characters may need to have the SP required to do the move when you're trying to learn it.

The surest way to learn the move is to stick a Foreboding skill on one or more of the characters involved in the combo. It's a C-Rank Mental skill. When you get your turn in,a line will be drawn to the characters involved in a tech when you have an opportunity to learn it. Then you use the move and it WILL work. If you really can't get the move, invest in a Foreboding.

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