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4 years ago#1
A noob here. I just want to know the effect of those two.

Some FAQs says speed shoes and fast circuit increase +25% agility, while in-game says +25% speed. But whenever I equip SS and FC the agi stats do not change.

Soo... what does they really do?
4 years ago#2
"Fast Circuit 25" increase AGWS speed by 25%.
"Fast Circuit 50" increase AGWS speed by 50%.
"Tuned Circuit" increase AGWS AGL by 1.

"Speed Shoes" increase character speed by 25%, stacks with "Speed + 25" skill. However they don't stack with speed boosting ethers such as "Quick", "Speed Machine" and "Speed Boost".

"White Ring" increase character AGL by 1, stacks with "AGL+1" skill and speed boosting ethers such as "Quick', "Speed Machine" and "Speed Boost".

Only AGL change is showed in parameter/status menus. Speed boosting equipments only affect characters and AGWS in battle.

Speed +25% means that the character will act 1.25 faster than normal and speed + 50% means 1.5 faster turns.
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4 years ago#3
Wow, thanks man for the answer.

So, basically that means using Speed Shoes is a better boost rather than White Ring, right? I was secretly hope that Speed Shoes increase your running speed outside battle. Hahaha.
4 years ago#4
Normally, yes, since characters innate AGL is from 6 (Ziggy) to 9 (MOMO), speed boosting accessories grants slightly better boost on speed. However you must remember that speed boosting accessories doesn't stacks with speed boosting ethers, If that is the case, AGL boosting accessories are better.

You can make a test, set the following skills on MOMO and make her your main battle character:

Speed Boots
White Ring

MOMO innate AGL = 9 + 1 + 1 x (1.25+1.25) = AGL 16.5

Now chose as team mates Shion, Chaos or Jr. which have innate AGL 8. You'll see that MOMO will act two times while these characters only act one time. That's because of her AGL is higher that double of their AGL.
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4 years ago#5
Fantastic. That's quite an in-depth explanation, really. But I doubt it would be applicable in my game style, though. I prefer a set team whom all the member more balance and powerhouse, with using speed effectively.
So, I guess I would be using speed boost skill if I get the chance.

Thank you RED_ODA for you time!

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