General tips for a few bosses please. *Possible Spoilers*

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4 years ago#1
The last boss I beat was Rainon Se, and I had a look at the walkthrough and it seems to suggest all the bosses after this point are bloody hard.

What party is most ideal and are there any skills or tech attacks that would be good to use?
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4 years ago#2
Use ether attacks against E.S. Simeon because his DEF is 100 while his EDEF is 30, Jr and Chaos ether spirit attacks are recommended because Simeon halves damage from Thunder, Fire, Ice and Beam attacks.

After Simeon you have time to setup your party to fight the next boss which have two forms. The 1st decrease thunder and Ice damage to 75% and the 2nd form decreases thunder and beam damage to 75%. Use Ether Attacks on the first form and physical attack on the second one.

I used KOS-MOS ether Limit followed by Dex Ether FA to deal massive damage while Shion cast Boost 1 on KOS-MOS. Jr. Took care of healing though items and KOS-MOS' EP healing since her ether attacks consumes double EPs while in Ether Limit mode, of course you can equip KOS-MOS with Angel Ring which halves EP cost. Jr and Shion use their free turn to steal bosses rare items, these items are unique and misseable.

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4 years ago#3
I've never used ether attacks before. Do I need to use them to make them more powerful?
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4 years ago#4
They aren't too hard. Personally, my party included KOS-MOS, Jr., and Shion. I had KOS-MOS with Medica S All and Life Shot, I think. I also got the Brave Soul I think for Jr., from the Casino. It helps drastically in later fights. Also, when you finish the Song of Nephilim, if you can, you should try to get Erde Kaiser if later bosses are too difficult. Shion will only be able to have it equipped as the only Ether she has, but it always deals 9999 damage to all, regardless of the enemies stats, which includes the final boss. You need the Angel Ring, though, if your EP is less than 60 with Shion, though.
4 years ago#5
If you'd like some visual references, click on the "Vids" tab above (or look here: for a collection of boss fight videos. =)

The next couple of fights are much simpler with AGWS than they are with characters on foot (unless your characters are quite overpowered), so consider going back to the Elsa and upgrading your AGWS if you're having problems beating them on foot (remember to make a save beforehand in case you screw up on your purchases, as it's quite easy to sink way too much money into it if you just start buying up random components).
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4 years ago#7
Ah ok I have 3 bosses left (the ones in the Proto something). All I would like to know is after the Shutz and Proto boss will I have a chance to save? Same with after Albedo and before Sophie.
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4 years ago#8
Albedo and Sophie are back to back (cutscenes aside) and are after the final save point. You can save before Albedo, though, and from that save point it's possible to backtrack all the way back to the Elsa (and from there to the rest of the game's locations, either normally or via EVS).

Also: after the save point and before Albedo there'll be an elevator ride. The first time you ride that elevator there are a few forced encounters on the way down. Subsequent times, there aren't, so it's a good idea to ride it back up and save again before heading for the final battles.

Finally: at the end of the credits you'll be prompted to save clear data for loading into episode 2. Save this into a separate slot and don't save over your regular save. Episode 1 can't load up its own clear data as if it were a normal saved game. (Episodes 2 and 3 can - and in fact, there are some postgame things you can only see or do when playing a clear data save - so for those, it's safe to save over your regular save.) All of this is assuming you don't keep a gazillion separate saves in the first place, of course.
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4 years ago#9
Yeah I have 3 save slots. But I'm running this on a PS3 (being a UK gamer it's my easiest way) So I should be ok saving even with an additional virtual memory card.
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  3. General tips for a few bosses please. *Possible Spoilers*

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