Is it better to use 3 charaters who can use AGWS or to switch in KOS-MOS or Zig?

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4 years ago#21
The idea behind stat synching is this:

- Tech points can only raise a stat to match whoever has the highest in that stat. Anyone who's already at that point is unable to spend tech points on the stat until someone else passes them.

- Everyone, barring the very low and very very high levels, gets +1 to every stat (besides HP which varies and agility which never increases) every level.

- Stat synching involves having usually-three party members (who are already caught up to each other in the stat in question) bounce stat gains off each other:

1. One levels and sets a new higher bar for the max value of the stat. The other two spend tech points to catch up to that bar.
2. One of the remaining two levels and sets the bar higher again, and the first and third spend tech points to catch up.
3. Finally, the third person levels, setting the bar higher still, and the first two spend tech points to catch up.
4. At this point, each of them has levelled once, but from this single level they've gotten three points to each stat they do this for, rather than just the one they get from levelling alone.

The key is for character A to level and for character B to spend tech points to catch up to A's new higher stats before B also levels.

In theory, this can be done with more than three characters; in practice, it ranges from impossible to incredibly impractical (a process involving stealing tech upgrade items and running), because there's really no avoiding experience and only the frontline members get tech/ether/skill points from battles.

Also, it's impractical to do this for all stats. Two or three is feasible, though.

Personally, I like to stat-synch VIT and EDEF for nigh invincibility (or outright invincibility: you can get to the point where most enemies do 0 damage to you no matter what), and if I have tech points to spare, I throw them at STR and/or EATK - typically focusing on only one of those per character - to beef up their damage output. Once VIT and EDEF are high enough where even if I'm taking damage, it's not enough to bat an eye at, I place more of an emphasis on STR and EATK.

Ultimately though, the prioritization is yours: I'll just mention that HP is horribly expensive in terms of tech point costs, so outside of optionally upgrading MOMO's HP a few times to help her survivability, I'd suggest leaving it alone.
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4 years ago#22
Awesome. I'm prioritizing attack stats atm. Most EAtk, but since I just got Jr I'll prolly start bumping chaos's pAtk too. Spell ray is simply to good for me to worry much about Shion's pAtk until she gets Lunar Blade. I've always lived by the motto that the best defense is a good offense. Dead enemies deal no dmg, yo. Although I'll start dropping points in defense soon enough as I top out offense. I don't grind much, but I do kill EVERYTHING. Also, glad I went ahead and sprang for Queen's Kiss. Free Z Upgrades are niiiiiice.
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4 years ago#23
You can find drill keys only on those colored bunny toys and you can get one drill key at a time, so you have to get one, use it in order to find another key.

This is incorrect. You can hoard all 5 Drill Keys at once. You can even find more than 1 per game. My record is 3 in one game.
4 years ago#24
Gah! No edit.

You can also leave without using the key. Once, the kid tells you to use it, and points you in the other direction. You can just keep going towards the exit.

But like I said, you can have all 5 Drill Keys in your inventory at once. I've played this game with a perfect-inventory at least 5 times to get my Missables Guide right.

4 years ago#25
Huh. Didn't realize you could leave w/ the key, not that I'd want to. Gimme dat free haste circuit! Been playing around in the casino. Video poker is totally BA-ROKEN. Played for about an hour and had 100K coins. Picked up 192 Recovery packs, 99 of each card pack, Bravesoul, and the Golden Dice. Are the Golden Dice actually any use? Gonna play more later to build up funds for upgrading equips. IIRC there should be some new AGWS availible soon.
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4 years ago#26
I only know about the Key because I wrote the Missable Items FAQ and I had to know for sure the mechanics of EVERYTHING.

Frankly, if you're not planning on meticulously counting your Accessories, you'll probably use them ASAP.

As for the Golden Dice, I believe they work like Robo's Crisis Arm in Chrono Trigger: Damage is amplified by the last digit of your HP. Meaning, if it's a 9, that's good, if it's a 0, that's bad. And everything in-between is as you'd expect.

And of course, they're nowhere near as useful or powerful as the Bravesoul.
4 years ago#27
Yeah. I remember the bravesoul-hemlock trick from my first playthru. I'm an old fan of the Valiant Knife-Ultima Weapon dual wield combo, so I'm familiar with dmg altered by HP setups.
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4 years ago#28
From: JolosGhost | Posted: 10/1/2012 12:21:12 PM | #010
I couldn't disagree more with Virulum's first post. KOS-MOS is the most versatile character when it comes of damage type. She can deal any type of damage except Spirit and she was my best damage dealer in all three versions of the game. Only plot boss battle that she is not very good is against Simeon.

So you beat Proto Dora easily with KOS-MOS in your party? Towards the end of the game, KOS-MOS is literally useless. Unless you have found a way for spamming Ether Attacks to be somehow useful, and somehow she's better at it than MOMO, who gets about 1.5 turns to her 1.

Actually, I always have KOS-MOS in my party (except for in the Encephalon because of story reasons obviously) and I hadn't had any trouble with her at all for any boss. People say she's useless against Simeon, but I disagree to a point. As soon as Simeon used his Aird E move, his ether defense drops dramatically for a temporary amount of time (hence the message that pops up on the screen). That's when you boost like mad and finish him. I had KOS-MOS in my party for that fight (for this fight, I switched out X-Buster for R-Cannon) and I had R-Cannon leveled up to 12 or so and it was doing damage nearly in the 600-800s on the Critical Up Event Slot (that combined with the W-Act skill extracted from the Double Buster meant approximately1200-1600 points worth of damage.

As for Proto Dora, I used R-Dragon instead of R-Blade (I'm a sucker for Dragons hence my username XD) and if you level up her physical tech attack (either R-Blade or R-Dragon) she can be pretty useful in this battle, especially if you're good enough at manipulating the event slot for the Critical UP. If you're trying to use X-Buster/R-Cannon for this fight then yeah, you're going about it the wrong way. Dora can be attacked physically so I don't see the issue there.

As for the other random battles towards the end of the game, KOS-MOS's X-Buster/R-Cannon/R-Dragon (for me anyway) were owning everything. The only real limitation is as Vilum already pointed out, she can't attack the entire battle field and her Ether moves are all Beam. However, IMO, if you're good at manipulating the system with boosting, you can easily work around that. I was able to and I had fun playing around with the battle system and trying out new parties.

As for her speed, equip her with the white ring (agility +1) as well as extracting the skill from the accessory and equipping it to her as well as using either quick, speed machine or speed boost ethers will make her just as fast (if not faster) as MOMO.

With that setup, when I finally got to Albedo in the final dungeon, he barely got a turn and R-Dragon (or R-Blade depending on your preference) completely owned him. Same with the final boss.

I'm not saying that her attacks aren't limited or that other characters aren't more effective when it comes to attacking the entire field (they are). However, to say that KOS-MOS is "literally and utterly useless" toward the end of the game is a complete exaggeration.

Either way, I don't worry about Stats in a game. I typically play with my favorite characters and in this game, Jr. KOS-MOS and chaos were my favorite characters story wise so they stayed in my party whenever I had control of the characters. Whenever I play a new game, I sometimes swap out chaos for another character (KOS-MOS and Jr were my two favorite characters (MOMO too) so they are always in my main party.
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4 years ago#29
Vilurum posted...
Which gets back to my point: it's not so much that KOS-MOS is bad per se (except for a few fights, like Doppelwogel, where she actually is) ... it's more that other characters are even better.

I agree, as evidenced by my quote from earlier in this topic. She's not completely and utterly useless by any stretch. It's just that where she's frequently useful, the others are even more frequently useful. So she's "worse" in a relative sense but not "bad" in an absolute sense.
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4 years ago#30
Well, thus far, in my most recent playthrough, I've been most ignoring AGWS...even if I bother to buy them and keep them in tip top shape! I still...never actually use the damn things. I'm at the Song of Nephilim, bothered to buy the mighty AG-04 and its WCT-AG4s, and...I'll probably never even board the damn thing.

After all. what AGWS can compete with AP+1, W-Special, and All Guard skills equipped, combined with whatever two other accessories (Hi, Bravesoul on Jr.) that happen to fit the character.

If you're not fighting something with status effects, swap out All Guard for Agl +1.
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