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Incomprehensible Engrish in the Japanese release (Archived)Atomos19977/14/2013
Just bought this! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Who's your favorite playable character in this game? *SPOILERS* (Poll)OrangeCrush98077/13/2013
Secret Boss #2 (spoilers if you so feel) (Archived)Chameleon5687/8/2013
Great Joe didn't drop the Swimsuit (Archived)alt_reality46/30/2013
Getting my ass handed to me on the Gnosis Cathedral... (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Big D2116/30/2013
Domo Carrier? (Archived)thenagan76/27/2013
sfdjkf;ojifwaoi Minitara lkjsgdauhrwek *light spoilers* (Archived)
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Which of these 3 choices should I play after Xenosaga I? (Poll)vind3d56/15/2013
Ziggy reminds me of a young Christopher Walken (Archived)vind3d66/11/2013
Lost stats (Archived)Rakhal_SWarden65/31/2013
Disc read Error (Archived)vinz295/30/2013
Do I have a defective copy of the game? (Archived)darkmaian2375/29/2013
Random Number God can suck it (Archived)
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So, I'm stuck in the Gnosis... (minor spoliers) (Archived)goldenlink6485/22/2013
Why does the Reloaded version have the English voice acting? (Archived)-BrokenSpiral-25/17/2013
Question about XenoCard.... (Archived)Anuksuma25/17/2013
Question about Episode 1 Reloaded (Archived)Super Slash45/15/2013
IMO, this is the best game in the series. (Archived)InnerSolace55/4/2013
Play Time - 00:00:00 (Archived)Ivix_Kuroshu55/1/2013
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