Relationships are like guilty gear

#1judasmaiden16Posted 1/6/2009 11:03:25 PM
See I was out with this girl one time
It seemed her last challenger got the high score after a week of gameplay
I on the other hand, was trying to get the unlockable by putting some hard work
Into the game. Well I pulled a special and the relationship was "DESTROYED"
Things were rocky anyways, every time we'd be in a match she'd build up the tension gauge
And then roman-cancel all of a sudden and want to talk
The relationship had more drama then story mode
So It looks like I'm done with verus mode for awhile and will stick to arcade mode
I'll be awaiting the next challenger
If this sounds strange and creepy..... you are right
Perhaps I'll search out the new challenger, maybe she'll be like justice
But the thing is, fighting justice is so one-sided that it would be kinda like S&M
Since I'm not testament I wouldn't really be into that. No bridgets or venoms either
The key to great sex is Punch+Kick+Heavy Slash+Slash, quarter circle foward twice
That always guarantees to finish them off
#2ZanuffShadowPosted 1/9/2009 4:35:29 PM
Creepy, maybe not so much since I'm male.

Strange, on the other hand, is a definite yes.

Holy Zen!