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8 years ago#1
This application has failed to start because d3dx9_34.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

Does anyone know what to do here?
Why so serious? - The Joker
8 years ago#2
did u get the aussie regular edition of WAR?
RRODed 2 days after purchase!
8 years ago#3
I had a problem with two other.dll files,i copied them to the "system" folder in the windows folder in the HDD.....in the in the...but anywho that fixed my problem. (btw i hate .dll files because of this)

Hope you get it to work.
8 years ago#4
Where would I find the 2 dll's folder and where would I find the system folder? (I don't know a lot about computers if you haven't noticed yet)
Why so serious? - The Joker
8 years ago#5
The .dll files that i had to copy were just in the warhammer online folder as loose files if it's not there then i would just look in each one.
8 years ago#6
I found a few.


These are all the loose dll files in the WAR folder. How do I know which system folder to copy them into?
Why so serious? - The Joker
8 years ago#7
I had to copy and paste the Binkw and the mss32 .dll files to my "system" folder which is in the Windows folder.

other then that i would have no clue.
8 years ago#8
Well I've coppied those 4 dll files into 4 folders or so, one is called System, one is called Windows, one is called Windows Media, and the last one is in the regular WAR folder.

Sadly to say, none of it is working, the same message comes up when the patch finishes.
Why so serious? - The Joker
8 years ago#9
The only one that they should be needed to be copied to (if any) is the "system" folder that is inside of the "Windows" folder. short of looking up the error on google and seeing what you can come up with i dont really know what to tell ya.

google is what i used to find out what i needed to do to make it work. maybe you'll have the same luck?
8 years ago#10

I had the same problem. Its because a dx control file is missing. Need to go to the dx website an download there lastest dx update there is a contol file in there need to play war. let me know if this worked. Alos I didnt have to reinstall either it started playing right after the download

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