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5 years ago#1
ive been searching for pink puffs for two days now and so far i have encountered three and yeilded no items at all....is there andy type of armor in this game that prevents berserk? i am hoping that you could use edge's sneak and possibly steal a pink tail.
5 years ago#2
The algo faq covers this for the most part.

1) The only armor that protects Berserk status is the Crystal Armor, but that's for Cecil only.

2) Steal only allows you to steal the most COMMON item (first item on the list), so you will NEVER be able to steal a Pink Tail, ever.

3) This version of the game doesn't have the Alert/Siren item, which would make what you're trying to accomplish significantly easier, but always getting the monsters in the rarest formation, which the Pinkpuffs happen to be. However, that doesn't change the probability for that item to drop in the first place.

If you're looking for a Pink Tail in the end, you have to be really lucky, or simply cheat for it.
5 years ago#3
thanks for the reply and yesterday after i posted i ran into another group of pink puffs turned them into frogs and had to kill of my characters with berserk than sat there and stole ether2's for about two hours
5 years ago#4
i just ran into my fifth group of pink puffs and i cant seem to get that trick where you kill one and immediatley cast life2 or use life from the item list and it is supposed to revive it
5 years ago#5
All I can say is Be Patient.

And only trade one at a time.
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5 years ago#6
i just remembered that the ribbon helmets should protect against berserk....(im up to 9 groups of pink puffs now)
5 years ago#7
Turn them into toads at the start of the battle and they can't berserk you. Easy breezy.
5 years ago#8
Ribbons don't protect you from Berserk in ANY of the SNES/SFC versions of the game.
5 years ago#9
Unfortunately, as was mentioned above, there is no easy way to get the Pink Tail on a SNES cart. Props to those who have actually done it for their whole party. I got one after countless hours of playing as a kid and that was enough for me forever.
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