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8 years ago#1
Hey, I was wondering if anybody else was having this problem. I have Windows XP/Vista and when I load the game, it stops saying that the file wasn't found. Does anybody know where I can find that file? This is really frustrating because it use to work on my old computer back home, but now I am in college.
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8 years ago#2
Using Doom95?

Tut tut :P


Take your pick.
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8 years ago#3
If you prefer to stay using Doom 95 (not recommended) here is your Dll

If you decide to use another port, use the link that Recoome_is_god posted
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8 years ago#4
Thanks for the help. Luckily I just started spring break and found the missing file on my old computer. If that doesn't work, I'll use the link.

BTW, I don't need fancy mods to enjoy Doom. Call me old-fashioned, but I found joy in killing pixelated demons. I could "tut" you for not playing the game without so-called fancy graphics. Besides, I just don't see the point.
Your only claim to fame was taking your clothes off.
8 years ago#5
Quite a few source ports play the game with the exact same graphics, just higher screen resolution. I use zDoom and the only thing it changes for me is the ability to use a mouse and a nice resolution, not different graphics. You can also use Chocolate Doom which plays Doom to almost exactly how the DOS exes play Doom. But if you wanna stick to Doom95, go right ahead. But there are supported options for current operating systems that play Doom exactly the same (or much better) as Doom95.
8 years ago#6
Here's an example of what the game looks through zDoom:


I've played through Doom with Doom95 as well and the only real difference in looks is higher screen resolution and a few added effects like bullet holes and blood on walls.
8 years ago#7
ahahahaha. it works. it works! I emailed that file to myself and saved it in the doom ce folder and the games run. now . . . to the BFG 9000!
Your only claim to fame was taking your clothes off.
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