Spike's GameGenie codes: 3rd edition!

#1SpikePosted 9/5/2008 6:42:28 AM
Years ago I posted many GameGenie codes on this board that I created, which temporarily brought this board back from the dead, and eventually made it the number 1 NES game message board. I tried this a second time a couple years later, but it didn't seem to have much impact. Well now I'm back and I'm taking another shot at it!

I've got many codes lined up which will be posted 5 at a time, and I will try to post these every day. I also encourage everyone to post their own codes or even to alter existing ones to come up with different effects.

Here are the first 5 codes for today:

XXXXYO: Everything is frozen and can't hurt you. No power-ups. Can't beat level.

XXXXNN: run much slower after getting mushroom in level 1. glitches and freezes.

SULSIP: Red frog suit! Can't move.

EESVLN: Alien remix of music.

NYXZSG: Mario faces only one direction.
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#2Spike(Topic Creator)Posted 9/5/2008 7:05:21 AM
There are many more much better codes to come. This is only the beginning!

Here are some important codes you will need for later, and you can look at these as a first day bonus:

KKKZSPIU: Debug mode.

On title screen:

Choose world with up and down
A button gives you 5 lives with each press.

In Game:

On world map bring up your items menu. Every item in the game is in there including multiple P-wings.

In levels press select to scroll through power-ups. Hold B while pressing select to get Kuribo's Shoe.

Pause and press a couple buttons on controller 2(can't remember which buttons) to get 2 different versions of the ending. One is the normal one and the other is a muted version of it.

APKSALAZ: Walk anywhere on map

YEUXKGAA: Start as cloud on map screen. Moving makes you a red cloud and allows you to skip multiple levels. You start the first level as a glitched mess and can swim without water which is very useful for certain codes. Get a power-up to return to normal.

If you have any questions about anything I've posted don't hesitate to ask.

Note: The above codes are not mine.

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#3friendlydudePosted 9/9/2008 4:20:53 AM
Hey Spike. I'm relatively new here, even though I've owned the game since 1992. I have a question for you- how active was this message board from 2004-2007? I'm just curious about these things. I'm hoping activity hasn't died down THAT much over the last several years, because a game like this is classic.

"EESVLN: Alien remix of music."

Whoa, you GOTTA tell me more about this one! Did Nintendo actually put remix music in the game, or is it some glitch music that's all scrambled and weird?
#4Spike(Topic Creator)Posted 9/9/2008 3:29:25 PM
Sorry guys, I was gone for the weekend and then I got kind of busy and forgot about this. Will 15 codes make up for it?

XXXXYY: Swim without water. Freezes at beginning of level.

EXPEXP: use debug code and play around in messed up areas.

LZPLZP: Use with debug and skip levels. Go to fortress and swim up. Try level 6 and other world levels too. There are some super messed up places!

EULSIL: Use with walk anywhere code and debug. Game thinks it's World 8?

AEKXGLIE: Randomly change into different Mario's. Very cool!

TVKXGLIE: Turn into a different Mario every level. Some are very strange and glitchy. Kuribo's shoe causes super slow motion ending.

SNAILX: Can't move on map. Press different buttons to scroll map different distances.

AULSIP: Strange messed up area in sky of level 1 is actually a pipe that leads to unescapeable black pit. Wrap around effect at end of level. Some other strange effects.

EULSIP: Slow motion. Pass through enemies. Fall in pit and get stuck underneath ground.

SPLSIL: Some levels have no music.

YAPZIT: Puts level next to king's castle but entering it causes freeze. Use walk anywhere code to enter the level. Other effects to levels.

TAPZIT: Similier to above code. Another level that freezes game

LAPZIT: Another level that freezes

IAPZIT: Another. Freezes

GAPZIT: Another. Reset.

GEPZIT: Swim without water but very hard to control Mario. Freezes after first level.

Correction: The NYXZSG code I posted last time had the wrong discription. The real one is "Getting Power-ups can cause very strange things to happen. Freezes happen frequently."

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#5Spike(Topic Creator)Posted 9/9/2008 3:36:30 PM
Friendlydude: This board has always been about the same when it comes to activity, except during the time I mentioned in my first post when I posted all those GameGenie codes years ago, but it's actually much more active recently then is normal and that's most likely because Super Mario Bros. 3 is now on the Wii's Virtual Console.

The code you mentioned is glitch music. It sounds neat though doesn't it?
"They look so *** damn like the same person, I say to them "you want ice cream cones?" both of them say yes!" - Mario Twins
#6friendlydudePosted 9/9/2008 5:01:19 PM
Thanks for answering. I'm glad people are posting here. I want this great game to live on forever. VERY fascinating about these codes you have discovered. Is there some kind of easy trick you're using to figure them out? If you don't wanna tell me how you're doing it, that's fine. I can't imagine you're spending hours trying to figure this stuff out. You'd have to be the most patient guy in the world. Patient enough to be a doctor! :)
#7Spike(Topic Creator)Posted 9/10/2008 8:15:39 PM
GEOZIP: Disco!

PEOZIP: Disco! 2: The Sequel

YONUTS: Fantastic colors! Freezes when running.

INOUTS: Mario had to much caffeine.

ZZNUTS: Mario mixes caffeine and drugs(probably shrooms LOL).

Friendlydude: The way I find these codes is not at all complicated. I simply put in random letters or random words and then try them out, and if the code does something and it's interesting enough I write it down along with a description of what the code does. If I get an interesting enough code I will alter certain parts of the same code to try to get a different or better effect. That's pretty much all that's to it.
"They look so *** damn like the same person, I say to them "you want ice cream cones?" both of them say yes!" - Mario Twins
#8Spike(Topic Creator)Posted 9/11/2008 7:54:00 PM
YPOUTS: no enemies. Level unbeatable.

YPOUTZ: Yellow koopas. Glitchy

ZZOUTZ: Same as above but enemies now enter background.

LYUOIN: Messed up levels with invisible platforms.

KKKOIN: More messed up levels. Use with skip levels and debug.

Important note and some bad news: I'm running out of codes. I have 3 more to go and then I'll have to make more so from now on there won't necessarily be 5 codes a day, and some days there may not be any at all.

Now the bad news is that I will only be posting codes 3 more times and then I will no longer be posting codes. The reason is that only 1 person seems to care about these and so I don't want to waste my time posting these if only 1 person cares. There is still hope however. If there is high enough demand for more codes I will continue, but there must be at least 5 different people asking for it to happen(not including friendlydude) otherwise it just isn't worth it.
"They look so *** damn like the same person, I say to them "you want ice cream cones?" both of them say yes!" - Mario Twins
#9radblastPosted 9/12/2008 12:30:17 PM
I remember the techno glitch music. I still have save states for that stuff. I enjoyed that very much. Too bad I lack the time these days...
#10Spike(Topic Creator)Posted 9/12/2008 7:59:24 PM
SOYOIN: Similiar to LYUOIN and KKKOIN.

PAKKIT: Parts of pipes are missing and put in other places. Level 5 is unbeatable since pieces of pipes are blocking the exit.

PANSPK: Mario does strange spin after getting card. You could call it his happy dance perhaps. :p

_UPSPK: You can make the blank almost anything for total craziness. V will freeze the game though so don't use that. :p

I'm totally out of codes until I make more, but I'm only posting 2 more times. I will still answer any questions though.
"They look so *** damn like the same person, I say to them "you want ice cream cones?" both of them say yes!" - Mario Twins