Cant beat Great Tiger!!

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7 years ago#1
His special punch gets me all the time!! I block about every other one (thats just from button mashing the block button though) but still every time he does the thing where he circles around he knocks me out. help?
I LiKe aPpLeS
7 years ago#2
Blocking in this game is different from most fighting or sports games. When Little Mac gets punched, he stops blocking. If you just hold the down button, after the first punch he will stand there exposed. You have to press the down button again every time he gets punched. This is different from most games, where holding the block button will work for as long as you press it, no matter how many times you get attacked.

So against Great Tiger, every time he punches you have to press down again, and wait for the next punch. After blocking the next one, press down and wait again. Eventually he will stand there, dazed. Punch him in the face for an instant knockdown.
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7 years ago#3
great thanks i got him tkoed the very first try after your message
I LiKe aPpLeS
7 years ago#4
Get leaf shield first. Be sure to stock up on an energy tank to survive his magic punch
Ninja Plague:(re: canas 123)I find your lack of faith disturbing
7 years ago#5
^^ 10/10 DoReMi forever!
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