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4 years ago#1
Hi all,

Thanks for everybody who has contributed so far...

If anyone still has content to add the cut-off will be the start of December -- so that we can send a copy for printing around Christmas.

Anything that is on my TODO pages but doesn't make it into the book will simply be listed on a single page in the "Misc" section. Not ideal, but I have to set an end date or this project will go on forever!

4 years ago#2
From the bit I've seen of this, it should be awesome. I'd love to have something like this.
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4 years ago#3
Akuma -- are you on Facebook? I don't always check in on this board but I don't want to miss this book!
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4 years ago#4

I am on facebook, but it's not really my thing. This board is the best place to contact me.

Update on the book:



Realistically the schedule has been pushed back one month to late January for first printing.


Has read and provided feedback on chapters 1-6. Chapter 7 is expected Jan 15th.

Designer #1 (general layout and graphics)

Has minor work to do for chapter 5 and a bit more on chapter 7. ETA is end of December.

Designer #2 (spacing and consistency)

Has not started yet, but work is expected to take a week. ETA is Jan 15th.


Kindly waiting on world circuit proof reading from mtruk (ETA January?). All other expert info would be nice to have, but won't stop the book from being printed.

Author (me)

Finishing editor fixes for chapter 5 (3 fighters to go). Minor work needed for chapters 1-6 (approx 2 days) and a bit more work needed for chapter 7. ETA for all of this is end of December.

I will still need to implement editor changes for chapter 7 and any important expert info that arrives. Also, I can do the walkthrough damage values AFTER the first copy is sent for printing (easy to amend).


4 years ago#5
Thanks for the update!! Really looking forward to the finished product.
4 years ago#6
Hi, just a quick update...

Editor: Finished chapter 7 but hasn't given it to me yet. Nothing further.

Designers: Still working, nothing required from me.

Author (me): Nothing left except editor and/or expert info when I receive it.

Experts: A few nice-to-have bits of info. At time of printing anything still missing will go into the "Missing" section of chapter 7. Below is a summary taken from all chapters. If you can contribute, please post to this forum.


Chapter 1

* How do hearts refresh after knockdown/recovery/end of round?
* Is proper punching a myth (i.e. only applies to certain opponents)?

Chapter 5

* More detailed pattern info for all opponents (ideally provided as a flow
* Damage for all opponent attacks AGAINST Mac
* Give each strat a difficulty rating out of 5 stars?
* Proposed names for ‘???’ strategies

* Honda I actual % instead of “not 100% certain” for Eyebrow Attitude
phase 2 and Sub 44 phase 1
* Honda II moment of weakness punches — are they all frame perfect?
* Get the correct sub 0:44 Piston 1 strat from Sinister

* Actual % instead of “not 100% certain” for Punch Drunk phase 1

* Bull I actual % instead of “not 100% certain” for Bull’s Bludgeoning phase
3 and ??? phase 2
* Bull II actual % instead of “not 100% certain” for Running of the Bull
phase 1 and Seeing Red phase 1

Mr. Sandman
* Strat for 2:14 sandman on PAL?
* What are the stamina refils and percentages? (up with “less” stamina...)
* Actual % instead of “not 100% certain” for TAS phase 2

* Actual % instead of “not 100% certain” for TAS phase 1

* Tyson: double check round 2 pattern
* Tyson heartbreaker start by Matt Turk (can’t find, dead link)
* More Tyson strats (e.g. round 2 strat?)

Chapter 7

* Missing RAM data
* Relationship between RAM and opponents getting up
* Ghost body blow glitch (explination and/or screenshots)
* Optional: Short bio and pic for the experts page
* Differences between gold version and MTPO


4 years ago#7
This is the best Tyson Round 2 strat (not the msot detailed, but it does not need to be, as he is easy to dismiss like this).

Another good strategy is to get Tyson's stamina almost gone in round 1, and DO NOT knock him down. Then in round 2, knock him down right away, and then work two more knockdowns in for a rapid TKO.
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3 years ago#8
Hi guys,

Due to various reasons the design won't be completed until late February.

During this time I will be doing updates as they come through.

Sorry about the delay!

3 years ago#9
Will fix the transparency, suggestions for the title welcome.

Contents page:

Chapters 1 & 2 are print ready.

Chapters 3 & 4 are expected to be print ready within 5 days.

Chapters 5 & 6 to follow.
3 years ago#10
Chapter 5 is now print ready.
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