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User Info: Guan_Yu74

9 years ago#1
I do not feel that my culture is marginalized when there are so many cultures in Canada. I feel small, yes, but that's because I am but one person in a country of millions.
So, in an answer to your question, no I do not.
I r uglee no?
Lrn2eenglesh pl0x?

User Info: Guan_Yu74

9 years ago#2
Shut up...
Lrn2eenglesh pl0x?

User Info: vnwater

9 years ago#3
-_- What?
HIGH JESTER- FOR JackAsteroid AND Zang_Ba. Serving drinks with Jak? People that are high and mighty, you might as well tone it down for the rest of us.

User Info: Riverdales27

9 years ago#4
lol yup ugly.

this is actually my own board i use and had yet on my favorites for four years. you guys the first to post since. what you guys doing here?
Fresno State (1-2) (1-6) & (1-9) since we faced USC
we suck this season! i blame it on USC!

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