Rolf's Technique list- Nagra or no Nagra?

#1KnightofTimePosted 5/31/2012 3:43:34 PM
Hi guys,

Earlier today while on Phantasy Star Cave, I noticed on the page detailing the information about Rolf, that he learns Nagra at this true?

I don't recall getting him to that level the first time I beat this game, though, so I was wondering if anyone got him to this level or beyond, just to verify whether or not he gets this technique?
#2Moeman_Posted 6/18/2012 8:30:57 PM(edited)
I just got Rolf up to level 40 to answer this--no, he does not learn NaGra at level 40, or at least he didn't for me. If he learns it, it's at a later level.
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#3KarsUltimatePosted 6/20/2012 11:32:54 AM
I think it's meant to be Shir's sole "secret technique" or whatever. Like Megido for Rolf.

While we're on the subject, the PS Pages doesn't seem to have quite all the techs characters learn IIRC. For example, I think Amy learns Gigra at some late point (or is it just Gra?), but they don't indicate this. So they're not entirely comprehensive either.
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#4killerb255Posted 6/28/2012 5:11:29 PM
Amy learns GIGRA at Level 50.