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If Rosemon was smart... spoilers (Archived)UserDeForum17/31/2012
Really wish... (Archived)JRodslegend17/24/2012
Second half of the game is by FAR more entertaining than the first half spoilers (Archived)Sniper_Extreme37/8/2012
Question Regarding Obtaining Permafrost & Divine Dragon Deck (Archived)nutrigenomics47/6/2012
Decks (Archived)Gamer762526/18/2012
Anybody besides me still have the... (Archived)PauperPaul105/7/2012
Beaten Kari 14 straight times and still no Mystic Sevens (Archived)Valkyrie_Gal14/29/2012
Is there a digimon / location name in the style of this? (Archived)Nist012/2/2012
Green/Black Girl Deck (Archived)windmastery11/6/2012
All right, a second attempt at Let's Playing. (Archived)anonymous46773211/30/2011
Hardest Card Duels in the Game. (Archived)Zerone18472311/8/2011
So I decided to finally do a Let's Play of this game... (Archived)anonymous46773211/3/2011
battle cafe vs. battle arena? (Archived)
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What's your favorite Deck? (Archived)WoIfOfLight99/9/2011
Too Much Play Time? (Archived)JustStoppingBy59/6/2011
Card Limits (Archived)JustStoppingBy59/5/2011
using load state for acquiring desired card (Archived)saifeemonster79/3/2011
Rank the three starter decks (Archived)anonymous4677388/30/2011
I want to buy this so bad ! ! ! Where can I find it for less than 30 bucks? (Archived)NewportBox100s38/27/2011
Green/Red pointer in card description (Archived)saifeemonster38/26/2011
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