This game is unbelievably bad.

#1med1klPosted 12/8/2013 9:57:58 PM(edited)
Compared to Deus Ex and Deus Ex:HR, this game is terrible. Horrible biomod selection/upgrade capability, boring storyline, horrendous graphics, insane frequent loading times, tons of glitches with multitools and various weapons, sometimes the rocket launcher won't fire at all. They completely failed at the FPS mechanics, bad aiming with the sniper rifle (mouse will barely move), slow movement when moving. Stealth is a joke. Levels are tiny. Sidequests are boring. Way too many credits when you already are overflowing with biomods and there's nothing else to buy besides crappy scrambler grenades and other trash. The textures remind me of games like the original doom. The unified ammo system is terrible with a low ammo cap so you either play the entire game stealth which is usually boring except in games like Metal Gear Solid or the original Deus Ex or you can use a pistol all day and occasionally use the railgun/rocketlauncher when it actually works... Obviously a terrible console port and game. I only continue to play (at liberty island, so I'm almost done) just to say I beat this boring and uninspired game. I would actually prefer a mindless shooter like Call of Duty Ghosts to this piece of junk. At least the combat is fun there. No worries though, planning on playing some Counter-Strike Global Offensive for MP and some Batman Arkham Asylum/Dreamfall for SP. I could say more but I'm pretty sure you get why I think this game is garbage.