Transcending History and the World, a Tale of Souls and Swords Eternally Retold

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This is an interesting statement that I'd like to bring some attention to. Soul Calibur 2 has a lot to do with Spirit, righteousness, good vs evil, truth - and the creators of such a game must have had some spiritual knowledge or enlightenment. This statement is at the forefront of their product, but im not sure what they truly meant. Is it just an overly dramatic eye-catcher that sounds cool? Could this tale have possibly had something to do with history and the world, or be based on truth? If this is a retelling, when was the tale origionally told? How old is it? Has it been passed down through generations like a legend? Or did the creators come up with it just so they could make profit?

The idea of a sword that feasts on souls, and the Holy sword of Evils bane around the time of the crusades and dark ages, when religion was prevalent and everyone feared God; a time we dont know too much about because events pertaining God are denied by western historians (this is before the western world began) - its at least fathomable by anyone who knows of the power of God. The characters are all said to have been born in actual places and times, belonging to actual empires; some even have correlation with ancient gods.

I suppose its one of those mysteries until someone tells me they just pulled the whole thing out of a hat. Still even if they did, which im not convinced about, I still believe that likely events could have taken place at some point in history. I doubt anyone else shares my intrigue. Nonetheless the creators of this game must have had some knowledge of and faith in the soul to create a game like this.
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"Is it just an overly dramatic eye-catcher that sounds cool?"

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