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StickyThe Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Ultimate FAQ *Please Read Before Asking Questions* (Sticky)
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l Dudeboy l50011/9/2009
Saving onto a memory card? (Archived)smasher869411/5 1:36PM
For some reason I can't dig emerald shards as Knuckles or Rouge, please help me. (Archived)tvmasterdoodles28/27 8:39AM
I really doubt anyone can answer this.. (Archived)Jacob91_returns38/15 10:16AM
Aren't many of the guides on this game outdated? (Archived)ShadowShire38/1 4:33PM
Question. (please answer) (Archived)Brewster12357/29 7:36PM
Anyone still here? How is this game compared to the newer ones? *pokes board* (Archived)
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ShadowShire117/7 11:02AM
Does pushing a sleeping chao in the water result in an angry chao? (Archived)Muffinz0rz26/9 10:43AM
The rapping in Knuckles' levels are pretty good. (Archived)Yoshiguy397133/2/2014
Does anyone still play this game? (Poll)GundamChao102/28/2014
Having trouble saving Chao data. (Archived)amazingwilly112/12/2013
Anyone who was around on this board between 2003-2005? Looking for a resource. (Archived)Mighty_Pelican411/14/2013
T-Pain chao (Archived)Icefrio110/16/2013
This game really hasn't aged well (Archived)
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They said I could do anything... (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz19/12/2013
AttackingTucans & Luchajin are doing a versus of this game. (Archived)thebrawler5617/13/2013
Tails and Eggman's themes would go perfectly in 2D Sonic. (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz16/24/2013
Chao Breeds and Breeding (Archived)Youman21816/22/2013
Do chao really become friends with each other? (Archived)DKLinks36/11/2013
Has anyone ever beat the haunted stages without encountering the ghosts (Archived)dtownhedgehog26/9/2013
I have an incredibly stupid amount of playtime. (Archived)thebrawler5616/4/2013