Orc natural skin tone (reddish brown)

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6 years ago#1
Would anyone else like this option? To be able to choose this as one of your skin tones when creating an Orc?

Well if so I just made a post of the Official WoW Suggestion Forums and the more people that go over there and agree the better chance we have.

Post can be found here


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6 years ago#2
Player orcs are not Mag'har.

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6 years ago#3
I thought you already could
6 years ago#4
Player orcs are not Mag'har.

Yay for forcing arbitrary, pointless limitations? Hey, there aren't any black nations in Azeroth either, let's get rid of darker human skin tones. I'm sure that'd go over real well.
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6 years ago#5
6 years ago#6
The Horde Orcs clans are all green though, like Thrall's clan, Hellscream's clan, etc.
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6 years ago#7
Haha, in both threads people are saying that they are too different things. They are not. They are both Orcs, and to everyone saying "OMGZ BROWN ORKZ R OUTLANDS DUH" You are also wrong. Grom Hellscream is from Outland he was the leader of the Warsong clan at a young age and yet at the time of his death he was green.

They are the same race! Its like saying Humans who have white skin and live in the United States of America and humans with darker skin that live in the middle east aren't both humans. They are!

Borthers 'til the end. April 2011
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6 years ago#8
All the Horde Orcs are green, now . I will agree with that but it was not always so, they're natural color is still the reddish brown they have just turned green. It is really not that hard to understand.

Thrall was born green because they said the corruption was found out to be hereditary, doesn't change the fact that naturally his skin would have been reddish brown.
Borthers 'til the end. April 2011
XBL/PSN: Larsoney
6 years ago#9
I always choose the dark pea-greenish skin tone with the small red eyes with black hair and a short black beard (not stubble, but not the long beard). I always shoot straight to the barber and get a mohawk too... only way to style your Orc IMO.
6 years ago#10
Except they aren't part of the playable Orcish faction. Just as the undead of the Scourge aren't an available skin for Undead players. Just as High Elves aren't an available skin for Blood Elves (or even Night Elves, since they're all the same race). Just as we can't play as Gurubashi, Amani, or Drakkari Trolls, since they're not part of the Darkspear tribe. Just as we can't play as Dark Iron Dwarves, because they're not the Ironforge ones.

The Mag'Har are not the playable Orcish faction. Simple as that. It doesn't matter that they're still orcs.
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