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I can't figure out how to access my old WoW account...

#1ShinyWrapperPosted 12/11/2010 12:27:16 PM
I have an old account and I know the email and password, but it's a WoW account and not a battlenet account. How can I access it or merge the two? I've looked around the site, but it seems the only options I have are resetting the password of my original account (which I don't need to do) or creating a new but separate battlenet account. I want to get the expansions but I don't want to rebuy the original game and I've lost my CD key. Sorry if I'm overlooking something obvious.
#2ThaLankPosted 12/11/2010 1:40:44 PM
I had the same issue. First, you're going to have to sign up for a account. After you do that, there is an option somewhere to link it to your WoW account. I can't remember exactly where it was though, but it shouldn't be too hard to find after that point. Everything works fine for me after having done that.

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