How much space does Cataclysm take up?

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6 years ago#1
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6 years ago#2
the box just says you need 25gb install space, my world of warcraft folder is 32 GB at the moment
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6 years ago#3
Okay, I have every WoW patch up to the pre-patch for Cata, so I'll check my WoW foldier from that point on.
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6 years ago#4
oh probably about 12 hours a day of your life if you're the average player just like 99% of the users on this gamefaqs message board
6 years ago#5
I don't care about your awful "jokes".
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6 years ago#6
Answer #1: All of Azeroth.

Answer #2: 25gb, I'm sitting on 25.4gb right now with about 238mb used by addons, configuration files, logs, dumps, updates, and other files not explicitly related to or installed at installation time.

Pick the answer that suits you best.
6 years ago#7
The box indicates what Wow will take up after Cataclysm is installed not what Cataclysm itself takes up. SInce you cannot install Cataclysm without WOW and all the other expansions. With out any addons you World of Warcraft iwll be about 25GB..Cataclysm itself is about 1GB..
6 years ago#8
so how big is it really? Will I need 25g + everything I am using for wrath? Or is it 25g for everything total?
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6 years ago#9
I think that question got answered...
6 years ago#10
Depending on how you define "Cataclysm" it takes up a lot more than 1gb. As I recall my Warcraft folder was only about 15-16gb a few months ago, if that. All the extra data in it came in as a direct result of the Cataclysm expansion.

If you consider "Cataclysm" to only be the content you absolutely need to purchase the expansion to experience it might only be 1gb, but if you includ every extra bit and byte that was downloaded as a direct result of the expansion's release, which means everything changed as a result of the "The Shattering" event, it gets a bit larger.
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