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Portal to blasted lands in org?

#1Chape87Posted 12/17/2010 10:08:29 AM
Anyone know if there still is one? IF so where did it move to?
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#2menalaos1971Posted 12/17/2010 10:15:55 AM
YES. Go to that Mage Tower in the Mage district. Right in the entrance is the Portal.
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#3The Ancient DragonPosted 12/17/2010 10:29:55 AM
He said Orgrimmar. I don't remember exactly where it is, but I know there is still a portal to the Blasted Lands.
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#4JiruruPosted 12/17/2010 10:31:27 AM
It's still in the Mage Tower, just in a different city. (In this case, the troll part of town one.)

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#5ChaoticKanePosted 12/17/2010 10:31:30 AM
Its in the cave beneath org that you get to through the drag where the entrance to rfc is.
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#6Chugster2204Posted 12/17/2010 10:41:49 AM
just aks a guard for the portal trainer, its right next to them in the cleft of shadow
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