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To lots of rogues and some warriors (PVP)

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8 years ago#11
like he said, moving doesnt mess up autoatk
play a rogue/warrior and u would know that.
"It's mandatory for a female player to learn cooking." - xHFx
Feonix - Azgalor 70 BE Shadow Priest - Bagofmilk - Azgalor 70 BE Rogue
8 years ago#12
Are you sure this "Speed hacking" you're talking about isn't a rogue using sprint?
8 years ago#13
you've never heard the term before? never played any other online game besides warcraft?
8 years ago#14
Are you talking about strafing? In either case, running around all jittery and through the opponent and side-to-side does not screw over the melee player AT ALL.

So... /thread?
8 years ago#15
"running around all jittery and through the opponent"

being behind your opponent sets back their next swing/ability by however long it takes them to face you, so it absolutely dominates anyone keyboard turning (but then again, who doesn't).
Handine Level 70 Human Priest (Earthen Ring)
Larla Level 70 Night Elf Rogue (Earthen Ring)
8 years ago#16
I think it can be agreed, TC needs to learn melee classes.
Orishike - 70 Tauren Druid. Zelpadna - 70 Gnome Warlock.
Druids: the only Night Elves worth a damn.
8 years ago#17
I run around people on my Warrior to try and mess their casting up, thats about it.
8 years ago#18
Is anyone even reading what I'm posting?

After thinking about it, I don't even know why I started this, so nevermind. You rogues that practice this 'strategy' can keep on with it, you'll just get ms-op'ed and feed peoples arena ratings; so I guess I should just thank them for being horrible.

Seems the only guy that understood the initial post was bluemoogle. its over now
8 years ago#19
It's just like people who run up and down when fighting someone.
They think it helps or they're bored.
Hope is the Denial of Reality gbf1lm is my hero, thank you.
8 years ago#20
draw a diagram you lost us
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