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How do I raise funds early on?

#11HootieHooPosted 1/28/2008 6:43:32 PM
Find a mining trainer (there's one in every maor city) and ask him to teach you. You'll need to buy a mining pick as well.
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#12PsoLucky777Posted 1/28/2008 6:47:08 PM
You have to go to the profession trainer in a city to train mining/skinning. If you have already learned a another primary profession (not first aid, cooking, or fishing- you can learn all three of these in addition to your two primary professions), open your character window, go to skills, find the profession you wish to unlearn, there should be a tiny little 'x' next to it. Click it, unlearn. (this doesn't save your skill levels). As a new character, you will make tons of money with mining/skinning combo.

For later characters, try out some of the crafting professions now that you're funded.

One more tip for you! This mod will make the game so much easier for you:

Download it, unzip. And put the folder into worldofwarcraft -> interface -> addons. (this is how you install all addons) This addon will make an arrow on your minimap which points you in the direction of your next quest. Great for lazy people who just like to follow the arrow!