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Holy Paladin got tier 4 helm and is going to use it over the engineering helm

#11Ivany2008Posted 1/29/2008 12:03:29 AM
i have to agree your guild is garbage

when i was running kara with my guild i rolled and won the t4 mage helmet they saw that i had spellstrike hood and wouldnt let me get it so they gave it to a warlock, i wasnt pissed or anything because they knew that the gear that i had couldnt be replaced until at least SSC or Tempest Keep.

A good guild will look at the current item the player has on and determine whether or not he or she should be allowed to roll on set item, not just say oh well its tier gear everyone rolls on it.

Now that being said i can understand them allowing the holy paladin to roll on it if he or she was using a gladiators season 1 healing helmet only for the set bonus of the t4 gear benefiting pve itself. Paladins in my guild who have the engineering helmet choose not to roll on the helmet set pieces since they know it can only be replaced by t5/t6.

After a ton of bad experiences in horde guilds on maelstrom running instances and raids combined with in-guild conflicts caused most of them to break apart and disband, my current guild seems to be the most competant. Not only do we now have 2 groups running karazhan twice a week every week, but we now have gruul on farm and each item in karazhan is passed to the person in the raid who will best use the item rather than someone who has equal or better gear.

as a paladin myself i may not be geared out as i still have a couple of leather pieces of gear to add to my + to healing, but my group actually takes the time to get me better gear and im almost guarenteed the shard of the virtuous when we down maiden and it drops as the other healers have lights justice already(i think thats what its called, the prince healing mace).

Not to mention that we dont force players to be something they dont want to be i.e. i like healing on my paladin so im not forced to be a tank or ret, and my friend whose a warrior likes to dps so hes not forced into becoming a tanking spec(which he refuses to do since the last guild we were in forced him to change specs(50g)for gruuls lair and we ended up gdisbanding after we kept dying at the first boss fight as we were uncoordinated, forcing him to pay another 50g/55g respec to go back to his dps spec.