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Is there a "standard" Hunter leveling build floating around anywhere?

#1MaregPosted 1/28/2008 10:36:47 PM
Typically when I start a new class I can find a pretty good faq that includes up-to-date advice on an optimal leveling build and which order to select your talents in. For whatever reason, I've had no such luck with my Hunter, so I figured I'd ask if someone could link me to one.
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#2Audax_DreikPosted 1/28/2008 10:50:42 PM
This is not mine, I grabbed it from someone a little while ago off these boards.

It's been working very well for me so far, they I've fiddled with it a bit myself, you'll feel things out as you go. It's BM, so shoot straight down that tree 'til you get your 41 point talent, then flesh the tree out as you see fit or head on over to MM.
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