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Is there a way to attack allies?

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  3. Is there a way to attack allies?
7 years ago#11
I'd like Blizz to make an Arena which is a tavern. Bar room brawls anyone?

^ Booty Bay on New Years Eve
Cancel my subscription to the resurrection. - Jim Morrison
-- Draenei pally in GameFAQs Gurus --
7 years ago#12
On my mage i used to go to burning steppes and kite one of the elites from the hill on the left down to redridge. I would frost nova the elite near guards and it would attack the guards and kill them. I would randomly yell "Cmon guys, help please!" and watch 4 or 5 level 20's start attacking the elite. than i would go invisable..Good times.
7 years ago#13
Booty Bay on New Years Eve
Yeah I remember that...I got PWNED like 500 times seriously...but I did get my share of kills on those stupid AFKers.
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  3. Is there a way to attack allies?

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