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New instance solo's come WoTLK? I drool.

#1Poison_GarradorPosted 1/29/2008 11:32:19 AM
Well! Seeing as WoTLK is raising the level cap to 80, the first thing that comes to me is that I'll be capable of soloing new instances. Why is this important? Because my friend will be level 80 and will now be able to run my alts through Scholo, Strat, LBRS, BRD, without the need of a healer. The only way I can possible see someone just blowing through these instances already is if they're epicced-out(which I am definitely not).

Now, if you don't have any interest in this post, you safely hit the "Back" button on your web browser and save me a flaming post.

What instances are you looking forward to soloing/having your alt ran through?
#2DarkRecruitPosted 1/29/2008 11:33:07 AM
"I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse."
#3TakinBackSundayPosted 1/29/2008 11:33:56 AM
I'm excited to hopefully be able to solo RFC. That would be awesome.
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#4RidleyRocksPosted 1/29/2008 11:34:38 AM
If you know how to do it, you can solo strat/scholo/DM pretty easily at 70 with only blues.
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#5emidasPosted 1/29/2008 11:35:11 AM
Scholo and Strat are already easily soloable. But it would be fun to try and solo different outlands instances. I always liked Slave Pens...
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#6JiruruPosted 1/29/2008 11:35:16 AM
Did you tell your friend you plan on having them blow a bunch of their time by running you through all these?

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#7Poison_Garrador(Topic Creator)Posted 1/29/2008 11:46:58 AM
Actually, yes. Seeing as my friend had his Rogue leveled from -20 all the way to BC content with my help. Seeing as we're friends and don't squabble over loot, gold, or other crap, there's no negativity. I run all of his alts through any instances he needs, he does the same for mine.

It's actually pretty profitable if you remain grown up about it and keep things honest. Your characters level swiftly from all the instance runs + easy quests seeing as you're in all blue gear, not to mention, if your friend asks you to run something for them and you just don't feel like it, you can take a rain check and do it later, without any immature retorts.

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#8JiruruPosted 1/29/2008 11:48:59 AM
Maybe you have better friends than I do when it comes to instance running then. I've all but given up on helping one of my friends through stuff because he doesn't understand little concepts like aggro radius, and how running into a mob of elites five levels above him without any warning tends to make him die. It must be nice to have friends who understand the game.

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#9martthew666666Posted 1/29/2008 11:50:13 AM
Why in the devil would you run 4 year old instances when the next expansion comes out...
#10SndRck2kPosted 1/29/2008 11:51:50 AM
I don't have any interest in this topic at all but I refuse to hit the Back button.
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