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selling loot

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8 years ago#1

Whenever I go to sell loot for a little money, I find that the loot I sold previously is still there, ready for me to take them back. Changing merchants doesn't work; I guess they have a network of sorts. The only way I've found I can clear the ten loot spaces to give room to sell more loot is by quitting the game and logging back on, and I don't like doing that. Is there any other way to get rid of the loot permanently?

8 years ago#2
it's set in place in the case you sell something very important.
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8 years ago#3
Lmao. Does it really matter?
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8 years ago#4
You're not limited to selling only 10 pieces of loot. If you sell 11, the first sold loot item moves off the "board" and gets replaced by the 2nd, 2nd is replaced by the 3rd, and so forth. The first slot always gets the most recent piece of loot.

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8 years ago#5
That stuff is just in case you sell something you don't need to clear it to sell more. It saves like the last 20 things(I think).
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