why dont

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User Info: hiddenassassain

9 years ago#1
people become afraid of the name hogger WHY HE IS YOURE GOD AND MASTER OF ALL DARKNESS WHY DONT U FEAR HIM LIKE YOU WOULD 30000 50000000000 elite bosses!
i dont like people who dont fear hogger
Midget VS. BEAST
beast wins

User Info: wee-ow

9 years ago#2
Is a hippopotamus a hippopotamus, or a really cool potamus? - Mitch Hedberg, RIP.

User Info: oblivionscythe

9 years ago#3
Hogger is a n00b.
Bitterend- 70 UD Rogue- Ravenholdt

User Info: VanDam

9 years ago#4
hogger is the master of disaster
"Ooooh, a lesson in not changing history from mr im my own grandpa"

User Info: ToadDemon223

9 years ago#5
Hai guiz M i doin it rite?
I'm Wilford Brimley, and I have diabetes.

User Info: gamerdac00

9 years ago#6
Hogger kicked me in the teeth, tore my girlfriend in half, and took away the sun.
I'm going to London.
Teenage Girls Often Have Babies Fathered By Men
~The Oregonian~

User Info: hiddenassassain

9 years ago#7
shouldnt you be going to elyween?
Midget VS. BEAST
beast wins

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