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I WUV raiding

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8 years ago#1
Second night attempting al'ar. First two or so wipes were due to people disconnecting and DPS being asleep. Replaced disconnected people and everyone decided to lift their dps. One wipe because healers werent on the ball in phase 2. Another wipe because prot paladin stood in the flame patch.

Next attempt, we burn through phase one, then burn him all the way to 30%, beating our current best, get him to 20, 10, 9, 6, 5, OMFG WE'VE DONE IT 4! ... 46. Somehow, even though none of us saw it, he managed to bug out without...bugging out. He moved up a ramp or something and gained 42% of his HP. Good. Game. Wipe. No joke.

Then, we have acouple of lousy attempts until the final attempt of the night...60%, only down 2 dps! We've got this on the last night weve got this okay meteor okay thats...thats a little close to the dooor isnt

He meteored someone OUTSIDE the door, to the side of the door, and spawned INSIDE THE DOOR. Reset. Wipe. Night called.

I love raiding.
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8 years ago#2
i hate raiding
8 years ago#3
Second night of attempting Vashj, we killed her! wewt! now on to Prince Fail'thas.
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8 years ago#4

Yeah, that sucks. Can't have people finding exploits, though. Lemme tell you about this one time I skipped 90% of ramparts...
"Ever squish your face on a window? Looks funny. Ever got stuck?" ~Falos
8 years ago#5
Grats on one night vash! Hope that happens to us.

I just wanted to get it off my chest, we were robbed of the kill and robbed of subsequent VR and Solarian lewts too for the night.

That being said, we dont really have the fight down if we cant kill it when it doesnt bug.
level 70 Human Warrior
level 70 Draenei Mage
8 years ago#6
Why did he meteor someone outside the door?

Or to ask it a better way, why was someone outside the door?

8 years ago#7
rofl, raiding.
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8 years ago#8
TC, what do u like better at 70, Warrior or Mage?
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8 years ago#9
Warrior tbh. Mage is really only good for farming, don't get me wrong they are great dps but dpsing raids/instances is boring as all hell. You see big numbers, but they're the same big numbers over and over again.

Btw we tank the adds outside the door (that is, in Al'ars room, so maybe its inside) sort of to the right. You know how the door is inset in a \_/ lookin thing? well we tank the adds >\_/ there. Pally was a bit closer to the door than usual, and the meteor hit him in an alright space, but for some reason Al'ar spawned inside the corridor and reset. We all saw it. We might even have it frapsed..
level 70 Human Warrior
level 70 Draenei Mage
8 years ago#10
That's why. Nobody should EVER be outside of the door. That's just asking for a reset/evade.

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