are there lv60 twinks?

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User Info: GateOfDestiny

9 years ago#1
I reactivated my acct. And the players I came across mentioned that I should play as a lv60 twink for a while since i have my old epic equipment from Naxx ect.
Is there an arena for lv60?
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User Info: CannotFlyFreak

9 years ago#2
Probably mean AV
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User Info: noobexxx

9 years ago#3
arena = skirmish at 60 , it does not count
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User Info: Gangel_Theft

9 years ago#4
No but you can farm AV for tokens and honor very easily so that once you hit 70 you can get all the vindicater sets.
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  3. are there lv60 twinks?

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