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User Info: dwzm xeno

dwzm xeno
9 years ago#1
I am alliance, and I have a dilemma. I cant use the WInterspring flight path because I dont have any paths connected to it. I have many flight paths in Kalimdor enabled, but does anyone know which one I might need to be able to fly from Winterspring?

A note, I have Felwood's Emerald Sanctuary unlocked.

Thank you.

User Info: Archy87

9 years ago#2
There's one in North Felwood, too. Get the ones in Moonglade, Darkshore, and Azshara. That's about all the surrounding ones I can think of...
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User Info: Orestes417

9 years ago#3
Moonglade most likely
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User Info: CellBlock7

9 years ago#4
Almost 100% sure you need the one in northern Feralas to be able to use the flight point in WS.
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User Info: RikuRebirth

9 years ago#5
YOu need moonglade
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