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What's a good PvP Realm for Alliance? o.o

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8 years ago#1
Thinking of joining a PvP Server, recently purchased WoW with a friend. But I'm looking for a realm that isn't completely made up of ganking level 70's.

I'm basically just looking for a good PvP realm for the alliance.

Thanks in advance. :D
8 years ago#2


8 years ago#3
Magtheridon! It's 31% alliance and 69% horde according to a census in march... And... It sucks, Don't join... :'(
8 years ago#4
I appreciate the tip. o.o; But I'm looking for a server that I SHOULD play on. xD
8 years ago#5
Ravenholdt is Horde > Allie as well, as an RPPVP server it pretty much sucks. Join to make it suck less please.
Do it tomorrow.
8 years ago#6
Bump. Kind of an urgent question, we're in the process of choosing a realm.
8 years ago#7
Blood Furnace

76% horde

Yay getting ganked 7 times in Dun Morogh
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8 years ago#8
burning Legion seems pretty good for alliance.
Derp - The Sentinel
8 years ago#9
rdskid77, who's your character and guild? I'm a tauren druid on Mag :P
8 years ago#10

It's so difficult to pick teh perfect realm.
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