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Why do people get mad when you undercut prices on AH???

#1smackfanPosted 7/11/2008 9:33:37 PM
So large prismatic shards are going for 25g apiece on the server I play on so I put mine up for 20g and some dude whispers me and starts cussing at me for putting mine up for lower than his. He told me I was ruining the economy by undercutting his prices. Seems to me like all I'm doing is getting mine sold first.
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#2F_4_FADPosted 7/11/2008 9:35:01 PM
I do the same thing.

/ignore is your friend, though I never ignore because I enjoy watching people complain :P

#3lefty92Posted 7/11/2008 9:36:19 PM
who cares if a guy got mad at you. what you did was legal but if you dont want to deal with it make an alt who posts everything on the AH for you just mail the goods to him and post then you wont deal with people like that :D
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#4MbaqangaPosted 7/11/2008 9:38:52 PM
The problem is some people undercut by too much, not only screwing themselves over but also everyone else trying to sell that item, as you drive down the prices. You only need to undercut someone by 1 copper to beat them, unless their price is so high it's outrageous (i.e. 100g for a stack of felweed). Some people undercut by 5-10g (or even more), which is unnecessary and hurts prices. I sometimes whisper people who really screw up prices but I try to be semi-polite with them.
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#5FunWithAFryPanPosted 7/11/2008 9:38:55 PM
He's right about you ruining the economy. Undercutting is perfectly ethical, but you should always undercut by no more than a gold piece. Otherwise, you risk driving the price of that commodity into heavy fluctuation.
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#6BewareTheDrowPosted 7/11/2008 9:39:20 PM
Honestly? Because he's immature and doesn't handle frustration like an adult. Its a game, what do you expect? I have to admit though, I get some childish pleasure by making a bucketload of money just after undercutting someone for 50 silver or somesuch.
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#7ChimpersPosted 7/11/2008 9:41:00 PM
I love one people under-cut me.
I buy theres and mark them up. :D
#8AE91Posted 7/11/2008 9:41:04 PM
The logic behind it goes like this: Someone sees everyone else has an item up for X amount of gold. Wanting to guarantee his own item will sell without having to resubmit it a day or two later, he puts his item in for Y amount lower than his competition.

Then another Joe shows up wanting to sell the same type of item. He sees one item is up for Y amount less than the others, so he figures he'll put his at the same Y amount less than X or very close to it.

10 million other Joes check the AH and do the same thing. And now that item's worth has ultimately dropped thanks to the first Joe.

However, this logic is quickly cast aside when the AH guru sees the cheapened item, buys it, and resells it for the normal price.

Moral of the story: Laugh at the guy who's whining to you through whispers and tell him to make a profit off of you.
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#9EyeSeeNo1Posted 7/11/2008 9:42:31 PM
I don't tend to undercut things drastically.

Maybe like 1 or 2 gold lower than someone else :p
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#10lefty92Posted 7/11/2008 9:44:09 PM
all i do is let auctioneer set the prices "undercutting by 5%" FTW!!!!
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