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Any way to remove the drunk blurry screen effect?

#1Game SharkerPosted 11/18/2008 5:20:24 PM
WHen fighting mobs that use haze on you, it really hurts the eye when my screen suddenly gets really blurry. Whats even more annoying is it can last up to 30 sec.
#2KevinceKostnerPosted 11/18/2008 5:21:57 PM
Remove full screen something or rather effect, its in the same area in the graphics area where you can turn off the ghost B&W effect.
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#3ActualSimPosted 11/18/2008 5:31:44 PM
Yeah it's Full Screen Glow effect I think.
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#4ShmashedPosted 11/18/2008 5:39:32 PM
Trywearing that green trinket that makes u drunk but give u +382 AP every 2 min...THAT got annoying I was so glad to get rid of it
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