Running a /roll Casino

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8 years ago#1
How badly do GM's crack down on it now?
XBL GT: Shogun 1337
8 years ago#2
try it and find out
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8 years ago#3
Expect a large suspension, very quickly.
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Sky Captain Pichu
8 years ago#4
Really? o.O...
XBL GT: Shogun 1337
8 years ago#5
They don't care, I recommend start spamming /2 right now.
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8 years ago#6
*_* I can't wait for that one serious poster.
XBL GT: Shogun 1337
8 years ago#7
You need to find someone who is colorblind and then:
/emote rolls 100 (1-100)

(idk, can colorblind ppl distinguish between yellow and orange?)
Feelin ][ R ][ E
8 years ago#8
Lunar's post sounded serious to me.
Dumb big-tongue traitor thing. Tartek and nasty dragon going to kill you! You so dumb.
8 years ago#9
Besides Lunar. I need opinions.
XBL GT: Shogun 1337
8 years ago#10
I don't see the problem with them considering you're not gambling with real money. However I would assume that they would either warn you to stop, or give you a tempban. That's assuming someone reports you.

I've never heard of anyone doing this in WoW, nor seen it. But I used to run one in EQ and knew other people that did, and to my knowledge the cracked down on casinos in that.
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